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Name: Victoria
Age: 16
At least one picture of you: Sorry, don't know how to post pics, can anybody help me with this?
Favorite trashy teen novel: I don't read trashy stuff, only classy so I reccomend "The House of Gucci" it's great.
Favorite designer: Toby Mott, he's an english designer with celebrity followers such as Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Gemma Ward etc.
Ever been to Kitson? Yes, on my last trip to California and many times before that.
Favorite gossip magazine: OK! I'm not sure if that's only available in England though (that's where I'm from)
Favorite tv show: Simple Life or Rich Girls...ahh so many to choose from also love America's Next Top Model
Favorite movie: Uptown Girls *sob* such a beautiful film, so girly I love it!
Favorite item of clothing and favorite accessory: clothing- my Toby Mott "I love London, New York City" top. Accessory - Louis Vuitton Messenger bag
Paris or Nicole: Definately Paris!!
On a scale from 1-10 how much do you care about your appearance: If 1 is highest then one and if 10 is highest then 10. Appearance is everything, remember the first impression is the lasting impression.
Role model: Ashley Olsen, she's stunning and wears beautiful clothes, she also has worked to get where she is today and I admire that.
Favorite city in the world? Monte Carlo, it's the best, I live in Monaco in the Summer.
Are you a bitch? Not an un-neccesary bitch, does that make sense? I mean I'll bitch about people if they have been mean to somebody I care about, but I wouldn't deliberatly bitch about them just to be pure nasty.
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