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New owner

Hey y'all!

As you can see there has been some changes here, especially in the layout. well that's because as you might know juliette couldn't moderate this community anymore, so she handed it over to me.
A little short introduction to who "me" is:
Name's Amanda, I'm a 17 year old high school student from sweden, just enjoying life at the moment, being with my peeps etc.
Fashion is one of my big passions (duuh) among many others but we can take those some other time ;-)

I've heard and seen that this community is sort of on the slow track so was thinking about doing an interest check to see how many of you still want this community up and running, cause there's no point in me maintaining this community if nobody visits, comments or posts in it, I've got a life too you know ;) ♥

So all of you who'd like this fabulous community up and about, please post a comment to this post so that we can see how high the interest in this community is ♥

There are always things that you can do to promote this little site; you can tell all your peeps about it, link it at your journal, simply just spread the word and try and put its name out there :)

Until next time, take care! <3
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me ♥ im interested
i used to run this community, but now i'm just a member
i love what you did with it--it looks amazing :)

i'll definetley help with promoting <3
do you like my banner? i only got two comments on it. btw, fabulous, i changed the coding and the members and the application and stuff, is that alright? btw i changed you to moderator. ♥
yess its soo cute!
yes, thats totally fine! <3
I love this community, I just have been so busy with school and stuff. I'm back!
Oh my goodness! I love this community. Never really been part of it before, but if you love Dolce and Gabbana, and diamond studded PDAs as much as I do then you just gotta be part of a community like this ^_~! ♥