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Socialite Girls
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Welcome to Socialite Girls!
© All codes and graphics made by __fabuloussin, x_abercrombie, and whitechocolatte. We are undergoing a huge makeover, so pardon out dust! ;D

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Favorite gossip magazine:
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Paris or Nicole:
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Favorite city in the world?
Are you a bitch?

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♥ After you join the community you MUST fill out the application above
♥ You MUST lock all entries and but large images/text/applications under an LJ cut
♥ You cannot bash anyone in the community, or on LJ in general (that includes starting fights in the community)
♥ You MAY bash celebs and socialites...BUT it must be in a comical way
♥ You MAY NOT post nude pictures of anyone!
♥ You must fill out an application.
♥ No personal information can be posted here (ie. your address, telephone number, ect.) Email & sns are fine
♥ Have fun and enjoy the community!

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